Monday, November 14, 2011

MAYA -WHAT......EEEEEE : Elephantine Rumble

The well known fairytale of greed, finds a suffocating empathy in the terrified sway of many an unfair tail in the city of Nawabs. The prodigal mahout of a million marble elephant statues gazes at the lifeless Jumbo regiment in absolute awe. 

In rehearsed tyrannic motion, she steps forward and announces to the mammoth line up,brushing under the marble parade, in one divisive sweep, the voluminous charge of corruption.

''.. one small step for myself ,One giant mess in the treasury..  '' she remarked, in an inconsistent state, of consistent jeopardy and so you shall listen, in a consistent state of inconsistent jeopardy.

Between her professed sermon and our committed silence, one marble elephant managed to whisper to another of his kind.

" Did you know, an ancient language of this land, describes the word MAYA as an illusion. ''

''Our mahout leaves no stone unturned....'' the other retorted. ''She lives up to her name in letter, spirit, expectation and integrity''  he added with an assuring smile.


  1. @Sushma. thank you,trust me, a visit to her domain will leave you in splits. :)
    @TheBluntBlogger. At least..that is one thing she attempts to live up to.:)

  2. Very true, she really does live up to her name. Nice illustration as usual :)

  3. @Thinker.Thank you.....there seems to be an unequivocal consensus on the name.

  4. Hahahaha! "One small step..." indeed! So. Cool.

  5. @Urmi Chanda Vaz.:) thanx. you are resurfacing after ages,I am underground ..momentarily. :)

  6. Dude, gr8 illustration n hilarious stuff :)

    n yup, me frm xime - catchu at the alumni this sat? I'm the guy in red with the waistcoat.. :D

  7. Funny illustration. Couldn't have guessed that you can draw so well too

  8. @Raj Missed the 'touche', separated by distance.
    @Jaidev.Hey great seeing you here. they say, looks are indeed deceptive,nevertheless, welcome aboard.