Friday, December 9, 2011

SARKOZY : Life inside a ... 'rubber'

Nicolas, a very eligible male
fell in love with a voluptuous whale.
From her he wanted babies
which she confused for scabies.
Not to be left in the dry
together they decide to try.
They commenced the process in Paris
but was way off the axis.
Not to be let down by Geography
they banked on mutual topography.
 Now was the issue with size
to which the answer was a disguise.
He unpacked a gigantic rubber
to use as a floating bumper.
In he went like a snake
t'was hard to call him fake.
On the final count of a trot
he rushed like a bullet shot.
After the in and out of life
the whale is now his wife.
 There is an offspring in tow
to the world they are yet to show
Queer are the manners of this breeder
masquerading as a leader.


  1. WOW, a poem this time. Great post :)

  2. @SaruSinghal. The Limerick was an afterthought.
    @The BluntBlogger. Thank pleasure

  3. crazy....and fun to read!!!

    nice meeting you at indiblogger meet!!!

  4. @Shooting star. thank thoughts :)
    @Usha Arun.Thank You...

  5. Imagine Sarkozy's minnie me? As if one pompous fool was not enough....

    And Bruni a Whale????

  6. @Purba.It is a pompous fool who strings a whale.Ain't it ?

  7. @PS Negi. Thanks dude...where were you hibernating ?