Sunday, May 6, 2012


There is this lady from Madras
whose head was covered in grass
When napping in the rice field
she stumbled on a prized shield
which she now claims is a farce

A farce it is not, announced a foe
he moved earth with his soiled toe
Down and under, the mummy swore
through heart and liver she charged and tore
letting it know, she was ready to mow

A change in time, moved the tide
terror, stuck the nation wide
while the country stood to thwart it hard
mummy chose to play a different card

She huffed and puffed
And had the rest muffed
down on their knees
and the effort in piece
she walked out stuffed


  1. Your blog is hungry and devouring my comments again :( ok redo --- aiyyoo saar you covered (up) amma pretty good.


    1. These days,the blog is plagued by a lack of appetite, to say the least :)On Jaya amma... haha...she is a country cousin of yours right, well... glad to hear a 'relative' opining this. :)