Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pelting a bad OOMMEN !

"And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other;
 and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat also"

Yesterday, when  the chief minister of Kerala was struck by an unholy Marxist projectile above his left eyebrow, the media went blazing on all available decipherable audio,watchable video and  barely readable print. True to  belief in the above prophesy,the minister chose to offer the  neglected 'other brow' too. After all, this is election year and such benevolent gestures do not come in harms way when enduring a little pain in rhetoric. More so, when an array of cameras are rolling spools of sympathy to be played all over national television...... Absolutely no harm !! In fact  during such an act this season the word harm is considered taboo of a higher order.  

The honorable minister however, missed one significant point. The stone in our country is an unchallenged solution to many a  problem. It has the potential to rewrite military doctrines. Consider how simple the economics,logistics and mathematics of this well researched projectile theory is :

See a dog, hurl a stone.
A bird perched, hurl two
A train passing by, swing a dozen
Do not like your neighbor, pelt as many
Want a separate country, bring in a truck load
Upset a politician, book a train with each wagon filled to the brim

These prophesies on stone have many takers in our land. The Kannur wing of the LDF was no different. The CPI state secretary, a loving and caring angel in red named Panniyan Raveendran solemnly declared that the dove and olive branch sporting LDF workers would never resort to such a course. How blessed we are Oh angel in red, we have only seen you shower floral petals and deodorized water on your adversaries to date. Chandy sporting a bleeding brow was hit by a flower in gentle hyperbolic motion.

Not to be let down by the display of such exemplary and divine behaviour, Chandy was quick to add “I take all problems in a positive manner.” and having said so, the other cheek brow was thrust out to bring to bear ' the misery for sympathy'.After all, actions are known to speak louder than words. 

But the seasoned politician forgets, one simple law of conflict : The enemy's arrow follows no determined line. While he grappled with his brow, a well toned stone from the red quarry knocked hard on his head and a bump was quick to mushroom.
"BINGO on target again......."  a voice was heard at a distance.


  1. Ha.a ha.. A very good read.. And im loving your blog.. Please keep it coming...Cheers!!!

    1. dear anonymous......with modes of social order in place...thank you so much. Appreciate you liking this post and leaving a comment.

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