Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ANNA HAZARE : Life in the FAST lane

'An army marches on its stomach...' quipped Napoleon in a state of half baked greatness, but Anna Hazare and his Army of bellowing hollow tummies will gravitate the 'resting in pieces' government cartwheeling to their 'feast'ive grave.

This harrowing abdominal ordeal is turning the collective conscience of this short memorized nation, while in the same breath... sending the jelly spined Congress government scurrying for cover. Last heard, our benevolent Prime Minister's pitiful state of verbal constipation,just worsened !! 

The well learned lesson, 'The way to a mans conscience, is through his stomach' 
courtesy, the Fast and the non-furious .. Anna Hazare


  1. Very well done caricature....I can not draw at all :)

  2. @ Chintan ..thank you
    @Saru. Those are generous words,thanx

  3. awesome!!! what a man!!!! loved ur sketch and the write up.

  4. ravi , i am jealous of u dear!!!

  5. @Sangeetha.haha, glad u did not take a dig at it..
    @Midhu.Jelousy is a virtue in demand....i am willing to be tutored in the art.

  6. Short memorized nation...how true that has come to be!!!