Sunday, August 28, 2011

PRANAB MUKHERJEE : Needs must when the devil drives

Pranab  (PR-AHHH-NAB) !!! An old English proverb,perhaps unknown to congressmen in word, but well rehearsed and adhered to in spirit, states..  'Needs must when the devil drives'. 
A congress politician, who chokes the smooth flowing coerced- dynastic form of leadership is bound to be ceremoniously booted out of the self indulging family coterie. There is no room for a well meaning coup. So, where does that leave the illustrated subject in question ?
A straight arrow in the twisted quiver of the blindly lead herd is, Pranab Mukherjee.  This well weathered bull from the Congress stock, has piloted the party through many a crisis. There is no dearth of neither experience or versatility.Then WHY is it that this gentleman of primal steadiness NOT the obvious prime ministerial choice ??? The answer is obvious.... a second line of leadership is unwelcome and deviously scorned. What needs to be seen is will the man capable of heralding sound governance  be given his due ? 

Changing political fortunes and a dwindling faith in the folly soaked catapulted leader, could , as a matter of remote consideration, herald a much wanted change. A welcome change, in the opinion of a few.

In the worlds largest democratic carnival, unfortunately, there is no alternative political body worth its salt warranting such an impolite consideration.

In that paradigm, could the Pranabs, Chidambarams, Antonys, Jairams and the band of politicians capable of steering this vibrant nation, step out ? The need of the hour, an iron willed armoured charge that fires salvos of change.


  1. Good one Dear, you're very talented:)

  2. hahaha look at the nose :D you got some imagination, why don't you pick a blogger a week/day/month and draw? would be fun no?

  3. @Saru. Thanx again....just an effort to cling on to a hobby.
    @Chintan Not a bad idea... i could run for dear life thereafter :)

  4. Really like this cartoon as well as your other work. I stumbled on your blog quite by chance very recently and following since then.

  5. @ The thinker. I am glad for the stumble.BTW, thanks, words like that ebb me on :)

  6. this is good. captures Mr.Pranaj mukherjee just right. and the need for change is of essence. but who will lead??? needs to be seen.