Sunday, September 4, 2011

DEVE GOWDA : The slumbering bat in a clamourous belfry

       In overt friendly circles, the citizenry refer to it as a 'Governmental Siesta', in the not so friendly ones, two hibernation promoting Prime Ministers, are accused of sleeping through governance. One, with his eyes wide open and the other,with his eyes wide shut.

        While the former wakes up to a sweet Italian rattling , the latter will drive Italy and a string of other snore resistant nations clamoring for Eustachian mercy. However, members of the opposition party during their respective regimes argue, 'Thank the residuum seeking God of Slumber,else the nation would be in incorrigible peril'.

       H D Deve Gowda saw his nap cherishing constitution, catapulted to the apex political (dis)appointment, thanks to a twist of baffling circumstances. When holding this high office of public slumber, he justified every moment of the inverted cling. Even, an inharmonious clamour from a boistrous belfry could not alter the course of an inevitable snore. 
             Though his vibrant twenties, spin a different tale,today, the scheming craftsman of the political art, rests in an uneasy quietus. After all,the 'son of the soil' should kick up grime to keep it unassumingly fertile.


  1. and there u go! good to see you updating so often :)

  2. What a play of words!
    Our mantris govern with their eyes wide shut, while we wink and nudge at their theatrics :)

  3. @ Purba.Thanks. welcome here, to one form of a nudge: words and doodles :)

  4. 1. Thanks for the comment on my blog post and design.
    2. This place is a lot of fun too. Are you on Twitter?

  5. @ Urmi Vaz. Welcome, leaving a comment was inevitable !!
    About me being on Twitter, well, I have tried with half a heart, guess I am still too bird brained to tweet :)

  6. We have slumbering PMs, indifferent ministers and foot in the mouth artistes by the dozen. What a circus! Btw, is the bat intentionally made to also resemble a donkey? :D

  7. @Zephyr....a circus indeed where the performers outnumber the muted gallery heads. on the 'BTW grandstand', believe only thy eyes,the intention was a well fed bat !!! :D