Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GUJ 'RAT' : Muse from the underground

The unfolding circus about an undecided government and its possible PM (Prey Mate) did tickle my imagination to put forth GUJ 'RAT' : Muse from the underground.

While the egg headed octogenarian and the efficiency spewing 'Moody' , wring the tug, it comes in as a new twist to see if the diet laced Sadbhawana scores over the wind breaking  Wrath Yatra. As they say, the worlds largest 'Demo-crazy' fluttering its hue smouldering plume


  1. This is amazing! Very impressive.

  2. This is the best post on your blog...:) It's super fun and no need to say that you're genius and truly talented...:)

  3. @Pradeep. Thanks....coming up is your state creation soon :)
    @Chintan...drool...drool...blush....thanks :D
    @Saru. My folks in my case would read 'genius' as 'geni-ass'. Will frame your comment for them :)

  4. LOL...Indeed he looks like a cat who licked the cream.

  5. Your caricatures are too good. Matter, even better.

  6. @Purba.Cat ???? time to polish my doodling :)
    @Anonymous.Thank you