Tuesday, October 18, 2011

KAPIL SIBAL : A Spin Doctor's yarn

  In far away netherworld,in the kingdom of the clawed palm, the time tested principles of good education have been delicately strewn to the winds, lest it should fall with an avoidable thud and attract unwanted attention. 

  A tale spinning barrister, the self professed omniscient adversary of the good, claims magical powers unlimited.He could devour a ministry and still look starved else in simpler terms, sell water to a fish.

   He has just returned from a bleating jaunt where he amazed the horrified citizen with unadulterated travesty on how measly pocket change like Rs 1.76 lakh Crore could just vaporize and the exchequer was all smiles..... bearing no loss at all, whatsoever.His suave brilliance sent the comptroller and auditor general spiraling down a commode with all those years of a painstakingly earned reputation in the challenging arena of auditing.That was his cunning specialty, pulling golden rabbits and red herrings out together.  

In his devious court,me a jester,can only ogle and itch my crown on the Confucius state of a proposed education budget to implement the Right to Education (RTE) : Rs 1.72 lakh Crore.Now that is indeed some more loose change to vapourise.


  1. *hoots*
    Thats some wild wit and wildly funny cartooning stirred together!!

    Great Work.

  2. Ravi, love the summary of Mr Sibal here:) Mind blowing work:)


  3. love it...you are so talented. You should curate your content and think about a book

  4. @Varsha.Hey... thanks, will certainly try and do justice to what u profess :)
    @Saru.mindless I always presumed :D, thank you
    @Life Unordinary. Glad u loved it. About the book...... (Blush).That was a huge compliment not to go red.:)

  5. loved the vampire touch :)

    1. @ Pencilreturns. Thanx.My guess.. a vampire touche comes to its kind naturally.