Tuesday, October 11, 2011

RAHUL GANDHI : The princely bug & his cronies

A princely bug from Delhi
came across as silly
A country he wanted to lead
put itself to bleed
With cronies screaming a praise
the common man was in a haze
Choice was not an option
'Doomed' was a befitting caption

Looking back in time
cronies flaunted him prime
his talk on ending corruption
threw them out of motion
when asked about 'his grace'
they put in a paleface

cronies to the rescue
reasoning went askew
they said
''words of his
were meant in bliss''
having given us a cue
now the horror grew

silence was a choice
but set the prince off poise.
like a train of slandering bugs
continued the shameless chug

OOPS ...A feeble fling, in attempting to pen a limerick to support the sketch.


  1. I think this is one of your best! The P and the M! amazing :)

    Way to go..

    The Blunt Blog

  2. @Thinker.as always..thank you.
    @TheBluntBlogger.:) hmmm..thanks, wanted to give PM different hues, but...time is a good excuse. :)

  3. A question mark, Is he questioning his own ability? Great work Ravi!!!

  4. Hahaha..nice limerick.. adds a certain character to the awesum sketch :)

    N its an awesum sketch.. really like the 'P n M' n the '?'... sez it all :)

    Brilliant one, Mind :)

  5. reminds me of tintin in his exciting moments

  6. @Saru. Does his means and methods not lead him to question his own path ?
    @Magiceye.Thank you
    @R-A-J. Loved penning limericks in school n college, felt elated to return to it after ages.Thanks
    @Anonymous. OOps..does it ? :)