Saturday, March 17, 2012

MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA :The twist in the tail

Vidya Balans hip dislocating gyrations was noticed with eye socket bursting awe and strategic ponder in the tear drop shaped nation,more often than not, referred to as the 'isle of delight'. This spirited shooting from the uncontrollable hip, prompted makeover pundits seated in the once cushy couches of Colombo to draw a simple parallel. If Vidya mamis tomb shaped hips can cause so much of a heart warming flutter, Rajapaksa Uncle was blessed with monumental posterior that gyrates wider, longer and mind it, with a soulful grace of a circus lion feeding after a tiring show.

So was concieved, the island nations own 'Dirty Picture'. With curtains drawn on the war and movie making the new fervor, pronounced sidekicks jumped at the calculated opportunity with rhythmic ease. The military polished his shoes, the bureaucracy ironed his underpants, corporates greased his hind and expectantly, party workers took on more important chores like passing around a cash bowl and pasting pre release banners.

Thus,in the long and short of a nations timeline, it came to be,Mahinda Rajapaksa was the 'shooting star' in the Sri Lankan government sponsored fiction 'Lies Agreed Upon'. Of course, one would not expect it to come with a statutory warning ''...resemblance to anyone alive,dead or a state in between, is purely intentional.'' 

Nota Bene

Lies Agreed Upon is a Sri Lankan government initiative concocted to counter Channel 4 documentary on alleged war crimes by the Sri Lankan army in the last phase of its war against LTTE, Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields : War Crimes Unpunished


  1. @MalluMama: your blog ate my comment again!! :( phew but am still numero uno...ok repost I think i said something like " Vidya and Katrina can collectively shake all their assets but the fact remains that they will always be plain vanilla's with their girl next door looks. Vidya is a good actor but she is a la Shabana Smitaesque in a lotta ways. Karan tried to itemize Kat but her effort showed and how. Kat baby needs to realize that emoting needs to be in the pores (of her face) and pouring out her c size cups does nothing for her career except titillating the front benchers."

    Ok I digress and am not afraid to say it out loud :)

  2. Mami... I plead ignorance to the pulls and pushes of Mumbai's Filmy womanhood. just used Vidya's dirty pic gag as an introduction, honestly, I am not a movie buff and have never been subject to the torture of viewing any of their box office victories. But yes, with your 'off the mark' response, I feel educated. :D

  3. Lol, never watched a movie or swear never to watch one !hmmm