Sunday, April 22, 2012

The President's Principles of Flight

The unsuspecting taxpayers weak heart would not so gladly,miss a well deserved beat when stealing a curious glance at the Presidents travel bill. 

Rs 205 crore on overseas jaunts alone ?????
What did the honorable President of an austerity preaching government do to incur such an elephantine travel cheque ? But obvious, this is one pinching query that will solicit no convincing answer. However, touts brokering banana republics on e bay have a theory of their own to offer.A spokesperson from the Presidents office, a subset of the above tout clan, on conditions of anonymity uses the forces of flight viz Lift,Weight,Thrust and Drag to explain the result of the obese 'phoren' travel bill.

This is a positive force wielded by the President, her kith, kin,fauna,flora,germs,virus and anything in the vicinity bearing a presidential liking. This microcosm can lift itself from the presidential confines of Rashtrapati Bhavan to enjoy a tan on the pristine beaches of Greece or gyrate to the rhythms of hip dislodging Samba in Brazil.All courtesy, the power flaunting wings that have elected her to office.

If you are a distant cousin of the President who harbours dreams of skiing in the Alps, dial 'A' for auntie dear and that will ensure that the office of President is not weighed down by decorum, rule or principle. Rest assured,her good office would have you manifested on the festive chartered jets holiday itinerary. 

Thrust is defined as the force that propels an object forward.Thrust is also defined as this gentle, kind and caring force which sends the President and her extended family to  twenty two countries on an all expenses paid holiday. Accommodation, local travel, daily allowance and "miscellaneous" expenses, according to the information provided by the ministry of external affairs, is only a meager 36 crore. Now what great force of this nation can propel whimsical gimmicks of this proportion.The answer lies in the obvious,polity of the day,plagued by ethical paralysis.
Philosophically, life is a vicious circle.In saying so, we get the governance we deserve.If the electorate was vibrant,judicious and mature, the 'drag' acting  on such an audacious wanderlust would have ensured a no take off.


  1. a well said and timed post...i really really have no respect for her...this is why women should go into any field on merit..and not coz they are women!!!!

    1. @ Shooting star.This episode is not gender sensitive,it revolves around an individual who along with an army of relatives, eats off the government exchequer.

  2. I don't keep up with poli'ticks', never have and never will. Have heard abt Madame Patil but haven't followed her per se. But your post is quite enlightning not that its anything new. The anthem that rings true here is what you can do I can do better . Why should she lag behind her male counterparts. That would be defi be wrong, right? :D

    As usual loved the parrot nosed, big bindi-ed sari clad aviating cari.Zimbly zooper!

  3. Mami..our national mami has surpassed records.In the larger context, it is indicative of a growing regressive political culture. If the lady at the helm steps away from standing out as an example, what could the average citizen expect from those below.It is during such times that we recall that Rajendra Prasad, India's first President, lived in an ashram after demitting office. Gulzarilal Nanda, twice the acting prime minister of India, lived in a one-room tenement, from where he was evicted on a sick bed when he could not pay the rent.

    1. @ml: hmm sounds good, really good if it happens again which I doubt it will. So much for my optimism. But really all those songs abt the milk flowing rivers and golden songbirds that hold no value today and make u say bah humbug and snicker is what its all bout now.

      Yea it would be nice to have someone exemplify the ideals that were embodied by the names mentioned and those that aren't but we might as well throw a penny in the wishing well and wish for a unicorn while we are at it. You know what I mean. The ticks will remain the blood sucking vermins they are and the only way out....hasn't been seen in a long time.