Sunday, July 10, 2011


I went to a 'self proclaimed coveted' B school to undergo a two year Masters Program in Business administration.
Education they say, is a phenomenon that disguises from the foolish and discloses to the wise, their lack of understanding.Sure, I did come out 'well educated'.
Business, or anything remotely connected, was never my cup of tea. When graduating, from B school, i tried to fathom my Dean's (Prof Krishnan) reaction when conferring on me, the coveted post graduation branding......


  1. hahaha.. loved this sketch. boy, wasnt he glad to have seen the last of mmmmmmm..the gorilla man :)

  2. @ Saru, I am sure the school would want to 'castrate' adverse publicity of any kind. BTW... Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship.