Sunday, July 3, 2011

An ‘obscure’ wedding invite !!

The unassuming devil in me quipped 'marriages are made in heaven,life after that (and this cartoon) is cherished in hell',
Recently,my sister in law bit the marital dust ( to err is far less human than it is meant to be). In a pompous run up to the event, the wedding invite design was put on my horned seat of thought. (ha ha err twice,endorses the punitive human state) 
Started this piece using a  revolting ball pen and the backside of an overwhelmed shirt box. All this crippled effort, to race against a shrinking deadline. The tolerant couple to be,was blessed with a Hobsons choice...... and rolled this doodle out on their wedding invite. (ahem) Bravo..."Tous mes voeux de bonheur" A 'knotty' toast anyone? 


  1. The groom n bride loved it. and so did we. more please.

  2. @Sangeetha,@ Saru.... will use your appreciation filled opinion to shield my candid representation from the 'just marr(i)ed. :)

  3. Replies
    1. @after3.Thank you. Very queer name you have,any reasons..after 3 ?