Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'SELL-MAN' KHURSHID : A Victim of wrong Toilet Training

The defecating fields have provided an ideal training ground for our Polity. One, it is believed, reaps what they sow. Thus, the sales pitch of this vote reaping 'Sale-man' is no surprise. However, what is, is the fact that the law minister could subscribe aptly to the adage 'Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely' .Thus, with ease, there is scant regard for the Election Commissions prescribed 'moral code of conduct' . Excuse me, what code of what ??? Forgive this soul bearing specie, he chooses to understand not what 'moral' means

Can we really blame him ? Well.... attribute it to bad toilet training, the unrepentant gentleman cannot differentiate between a night soil receptacle and his own seat of thought. 


  1. Well done Ravi. Once again your imagination knows no limit. I really like the Hindi adage 'chaand par thookana, apne sir par girna (You spit on moon and it falls on your own head). But this one is better.

    1. Pradeep.... u know how good my Hindi is, thus, an analogy of less intensity was accidental, the least said.