Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KARUNANIDHI : Deep Pockets,Deeper Secrets

Ethically constipated, morally plural and easily, one of our country's 'stray cash bulls with udders' that boasts of dispensing a steady supply of unlactic wealth, buttered in the acceptable flavours of corruption, manipulative power and timely deceit. This nursing mystery of scholarly talk and un- scholarly demeanor, has created a lineage of 'so mannered fledglings' his sperm composition will definitely be proud of. In our land, such an unsocial occurrence is as common as finding an army of cockroaches in a sewer.      

With sons wailing and a daughter counting bars
this octogenarian,  curses his failing stars
With deep  pockets and deeper secrets
concealing slimy corsets and slimier dockets
he treads a path of glorified shame
bartered for two pennies of craving fame

Blinded by greed
he went on to feed
Now... when the odds seem hard
he sits pretty... praying for a trump card
With a flurry of many a rival
the question is,is there hope for revival 
Added Dimension. This, as you see and read, is a 'censored version'. The original thought process,both in illustration and verse have been banished from the humble abode. 


  1. I like how the stray hairs stand out his bald egg (toing, toing) while the stray cash stays deep inside his deeper pockets (kaching !!)

    BTW why the phew before the 'the' :( do I know you frm a prev life elsewhere and you hate moi guts more than you hate chopped liver :)) spill the beanz already.

    1. Ha...another 'kalaignar' follicle admirer !! chopped liver ??? ayooo mami...me vegetarian, so...your guts take the cake :D.In my sphere of thought, guts bear respect. BTW..thanks again....

  2. :D de nada senor :) and me very much a veggie gal too ! My guts take it all...cake et al.

    But why the phewwwwwww !

    1. mami... I disagree on the seniority :)In the same breath, I withdraw the PHEW !!! :)

  3. Aiyyyooo, Senor aka Mister in espanol aka Spanish. Idhu kude terile na yeppidi? k so u withdrew the phew but why did you phew in the first place da???? :( just like that kya ?