Sunday, February 26, 2012

SALMAN RUSHDIE : Satanic Purses

There was a man from Leeds
who swallowed a packet of seeds
The show of a sprout
who bloomed into a tout
while his essentials are covered in weeds

His claim to fame
was rather lame
It played on verses
and fattened purses
 while he sang to many a dame

In a state of mind
that emanated from the hind
he was invited to a fest
with the demeanor of a pest
leaving the organisers in a bind.


  1. lovely - really enjoyed this one!!!

  2. That was quite a ditty!!

    Love the look of your blog!!

  3. Really nifty blog, Do you sketch the Cari's as well ?

  4. Thank you 'the Iengar Chick'(phew).Yes, I do sketch the caricatures too,the writing just tags along :)

  5. Long time!

    How do you come up with such ideas? HOW!

    1. Indeed a long time. Did see a pic of you pitching a flag in Gurgaon on facebook recently.
      How do I come up with such ideas....well.... in my fathers jibe,they say the reason is.. 'insanity'.

  6. Why the phew after 'the Iengar Chick' da? really nice cari's and the words don't hurt either. BTW am not the wonly wone Iengar Chick kettiya ! so not The but An as wone of the soo mannnnny ;-D