Monday, January 2, 2012

How to paint a frown on a friend

(With due apologies....the Truth, served with a generous helping of Fiction)

There are indeed a thousand ways to skin a cat, I am yet to discover one of those ignoble approaches. What I did though, was to discover an uneasy way to upset a friend.

A class fellow from B school, excited by the prospect of caricatures requested me to doodle one of hers. With a job that gets me to live off a Bergen, i stuffed my drawing ink, pens and pencils to the deviously pregnant looking back pack and found a far corner at the airport to set to work. Hooked to the world wide web for photographic reference, I commenced...stroke by stroke to create what I thought epitomizes her a caricature of course.Inking the creation and following it up with a quick mobile capture, I shot out this self appreciated work of art. 

That was almost a month ago since I heard from her. I wonder, if silence is indeed....acceptance   :)