Thursday, March 13, 2014

Modi the 'Tea-total-er'

To the rejuvenation seeking, a steaming cup of tea suggests a calming, centering diversion from the everyday. In our great land however,this brew stirs enough of a storm in the very same cup  infusing a myriad of flavours challenging the digestive track. A few local ones are noteworthy of mention. Like the common sense numbing comical statesmanship of Rahul Gandhi, the baffling unsteady calmness of Mamta Banerjee, the consistent growling silence of the Prime Minister and the model honest corrupt practices of Ajit Chavan and Ajit Pawar. These flavours shock,please and tease, but a portioned serving of the concoction in a feeble cup soothes it all.

Peddling litres of this infusion in little feeble cups are tea vendors and if one of the pack is a current chief minister and the prospective prime minister, a sip from the pot becomes priceless. In an effort to get the right blend bubbling in the cauldron, Narendra Modi presides over a bench that scouts for the right additives. One odd strong adulteration like BS Yedurappa, he believes, will not jinx taste or taste buds.

Taking a lesson from NaMo, the streets of Bihar are traying in cups of piping hot laloo chai. However, knowing his credentials in tea brewing,there are very few takers. The average Bihari tea drinker belches with cries that the brew is fodder flavoured and fit for consumption only by starving cattle

Don’t be overwhelmed, say tea proprietors. There’s no reason for tea to seem complex.