Monday, September 17, 2012



On an unusually hot and sultry September afternoon, the soot smeared and reputation charred ministerial class gathered around burning blocks of coal, lit in the Prime Ministers lackluster courtyard, desperate to keep warm from the cold feet caused by a potentially damaging CAG report.

'God damn these blocks of coal' , cursed Mr Shriprakash Jaiswal, stoking the slow burning flame,with a hope the little blocks would burn quickly, enough to provide succor to their freezing limbs

'Thank you, I am shivering', exclaimed Dr Manmohan Singh , in gratitude for the momentary relief provided by Jaiswal , his teeth chattering and body quivering to the Governments 'scam of the season'.

Cleaning soot from the lens of his nasal bone lodged myopia corrector, the Finance Minister, Mr Chidambaram expressed dismay that concerted efforts by him to NULLIFY the heat produced by the fossilised fuel was in vain. 

Insignificants like Manish Tiwari, Kapil Sibal, Digvijay Singh and Ambika Soni concurred and cursed in chorus 'death kneel to the CAG, long live the dynasty'. Both parts of the unholy chant, to the common man were forgone conclusions. As for the former,it was only a question of time that the government would render the CAG spineless and voiceless.

When a boorish regiment of brooders cry hoarse, can the adversary be far away ? By a generous measure of history,definitely not !  

A resounding whisper laced with desperation, echoed from the nearby foliage.A 'large mass of deception' was attempting to unsuccessfully hide and seek attention of the desperate leg warming community.

'Pssst ...Pssst...I am here to warm my feet too..... besides expressing solidarity with you ..incognito ofcourse' pleaded a poorly hidden Nitin Gadkari. Though not a bird of the same feather, his attempt to flock uninvited with those in despair was clear.A crisis brings together strange bed fellows.

Another mundane writing on the wall for the not so shocked citizen : If you have an odd number of socks, of these,no two will make a pair.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The curious case of CHIDDY's zero

Between the pious devil and the knee deep blue sea
Stood the protector of gluttonous thugs who sadly roam free
With one sweep of the broom and the tardy old wand
heaven on a platter, to hell it was pawned
For a penny under, the land was ripped of coal
for many more over, the minister sold his soul