Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KARUNANIDHI : Deep Pockets,Deeper Secrets

Ethically constipated, morally plural and easily, one of our country's 'stray cash bulls with udders' that boasts of dispensing a steady supply of unlactic wealth, buttered in the acceptable flavours of corruption, manipulative power and timely deceit. This nursing mystery of scholarly talk and un- scholarly demeanor, has created a lineage of 'so mannered fledglings' his sperm composition will definitely be proud of. In our land, such an unsocial occurrence is as common as finding an army of cockroaches in a sewer.      

With sons wailing and a daughter counting bars
this octogenarian,  curses his failing stars
With deep  pockets and deeper secrets
concealing slimy corsets and slimier dockets
he treads a path of glorified shame
bartered for two pennies of craving fame

Blinded by greed
he went on to feed
Now... when the odds seem hard
he sits pretty... praying for a trump card
With a flurry of many a rival
the question is,is there hope for revival 
Added Dimension. This, as you see and read, is a 'censored version'. The original thought process,both in illustration and verse have been banished from the humble abode. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

SALMAN RUSHDIE : Satanic Purses

There was a man from Leeds
who swallowed a packet of seeds
The show of a sprout
who bloomed into a tout
while his essentials are covered in weeds

His claim to fame
was rather lame
It played on verses
and fattened purses
 while he sang to many a dame

In a state of mind
that emanated from the hind
he was invited to a fest
with the demeanor of a pest
leaving the organisers in a bind.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'SELL-MAN' KHURSHID : A Victim of wrong Toilet Training

The defecating fields have provided an ideal training ground for our Polity. One, it is believed, reaps what they sow. Thus, the sales pitch of this vote reaping 'Sale-man' is no surprise. However, what is, is the fact that the law minister could subscribe aptly to the adage 'Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely' .Thus, with ease, there is scant regard for the Election Commissions prescribed 'moral code of conduct' . Excuse me, what code of what ??? Forgive this soul bearing specie, he chooses to understand not what 'moral' means

Can we really blame him ? Well.... attribute it to bad toilet training, the unrepentant gentleman cannot differentiate between a night soil receptacle and his own seat of thought. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

'SON-YEAH' and her 40 year old toddler

A latent mom from Italy
braided her plaits  flatly
Through the corridors of power
she held many  a bar lower
From the mammoth cart in tow
was a four decade old rattle to show
 Sounds of a wail
made side kicks hail
The mother gleamed
the toddler beamed
The nation cried
aren't we all tired ?